War with our markers!

11 May

What is it with kids, markers & making HUGE messes? PS. baby sitters that are on the phone all the time end up with kids that look like this when mom & dad get home.

Originally uploaded by eyepopping hideous female troll


Kid’s Letter to airplane pilot

11 May

You can tell by reading this letter that this kid loves to fly…up until the end!

I love flying but hate landing!

Child loves satan?

11 May

This little girl drew a picture for Santa Claus and wanted to let him know that she loved him. It did not come out that way it should have, and no she does not love Satan, she just got her letters mixed up. It’s very funny though because she looks so innocent and proud of her letter!

You know what I meant!

Paint exploded all over the house!

11 May

These little ones got themselves into a can of paint and it looks as though it had exploded throughout the house. The paint got everywhere, on the t.v, the couch, the floor, and it even looks like his little brother had a roller used on him. The things kid’s do…gotta love ’em!

Paint Explosion!

My Daughter Breaks Gameboy Pooping!

10 May

My daughter was playing her gameboy while she was pooping! I think she is addicted to her new Mario game!

My Gameboy is not working!